Conservation status
In some trouble

The common name of this bird is believed to come from their high-pitched zit tzit whistle. They have a curved bill and a long tongue that is used to reach deeply into flowers to brush nectar to eat. To support these birds, nectar feeders and artificial nest boxes are sometimes added to the forest.

Campaign Manager

Team Hihi

Team Hihi is here for the bird! There are several of us all working in a well oiled marketing campaign to get our lesser known species to the top of the heap! Our core team is Mhairi McCready, Charlie Lin, Lee Barry, Dr John Ewen and Stu Attwood, in no particular order. We are all here because the Hihi is well deserving of its place in the sun, Hihi translates to ''Ray of sunshine'' so winning Bird of the Year is the Hihi's birth right! Give an underbird a shot, it will make you feel good! A big thank you to Zealandia and the other Hihi sanctuaries for getting in behind us.

A hihi rolling it's head back and yelling towards the sky