TutukiwiSubantarctic snipe

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In some trouble

For too many years the snipe has remained hidden out of sight in the far, far south. Finally, the time has come for this cryptic creeper to stick its neck out and take its shot at glory. The Subantarctic snipe (tutukiwi) has finally arrived on the battlefield to be our top bird in 2021 and for good reason. Sadly, the North Island snipe and South Island snipe lost their battles on mainland New Zealand, becoming extinct, but the Subantarctic snipe have remained resilient and still stand a chance in their war against pests. Help the snipe hit its mark with creating awareness - a vote for the snipe is a vote for the Subantarctics.

Campaign Manager

Team Subantarctic

Most of those that call New Zealand home are unlikely to know that the snipe exists and that we are responsible for the protection of their home. Life on the Subantarctic Islands, in particular the main Auckland Island (not that Auckland…), is a little awkward right now for the snipe. Being so far out of sight and so far from help, snipe, along with many other bird species, are struggling in a hidden war against pests. That’s why we have brought the snipe into the spotlight to raise awareness for our Subantarctic Islands. A vote for the snipe is a vote for all birds in the far south. #SnipeBoty  #AuckwardSnipe

Image credit: Samuel Blanc - Heritage Expeditions