Subantarctic snipeTutukiwi

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In some trouble

After a successful first year in BOTY 2021, placing in the top 100, the tutukiwi/snipe is back again to represent the subantarctic. The tutukiwi stands for all those birds fighting a silent war against ravenous pests on the subantarctic islands. The tutukiwi has one goal, and one goal only: to round up support for the important pest-free Auckland Island project. There’s no bells and wattles with this bird, the snipe is just a straight-shooting, plain-beaking, unwadering, fresh-feathered….. well, you get the point. Vote tutukiwi!

Campaign Manager

Team Subantarctic

Most of those that call New Zealand home are unlikely to know that the snipe exists and that we are responsible for the protection of their home. Life on the subantarctic islands, in particular the main Auckland Island (not that Auckland…), is a little awkward right now for the snipe. Being so far out of sight and so far from help, snipe, along with many other bird species, are struggling in a hidden war against pests. That’s why we have brought the snipe into the spotlight to raise awareness for our subantarctic islands. A vote for the snipe is a vote for all birds in the far south.

Subantarctic snipe

Image credit: Lisle Gwynn - Heritage Expeditions