Conservation status
In some trouble

Known as the bird which became alive again, the Takahē was thought to be extinct for 50 years until 1948. There are now recovery programmes to prevent the extinction of New Zealand's biggest flightless bird.

Campaign Manager

Alex Dempsey-Wood

Kia ora! I'm a conservation biology postgrad at Massey university, and head admin at the humble Facebook group ‘Not to be dramatic but I would die for this New Zealand endemic’. As a group dedicated to the beautiful and chonky majesty found within New Zealand’s endemic avifauna, we find it to be a tragedy that the chonkiest and most lovable of them all, the takahē, has not yet taken the prestigious spot of New Zealand’s Bird of the Year. This year we’re hoping to change that - by finally snatching the crown for our beautiful rainbow chicken. 

Alex Dempsey-Wood looking bemused with a large black parrot on her head