Conservation status
In some trouble

Known as the bird which became alive again, the Takahē was thought to be extinct for 50 years until 1948. There are now recovery programmes to prevent the extinction of New Zealand's biggest flightless bird.

Campaign Manager

Alex Dempsey-Wood & Chris Drake

Kia ora, Alex and Chris here! We’re two undergrad ecology students at Massey University with a love of and vested interest in all of New Zealand’s beautiful birds. Last semester’s exam week hysteria lead us to creating a facebook group celebrating New Zealand endemics, and with that platform we’ve chosen to support the best boy, the roundest boy, the absolute unit that is the Takahe (Hide and seek champion 1898-1948). Join us in our meme-filled fight to finally vote this extremely deserving bird to the top in 2019.

Alex Dempsey-Wood and Chris Drake on a ferry