Conservation status
In serious trouble

Known as the bird which became alive again, the takahē was thought to be extinct for 50 years until 1948. There are now recovery programmes to prevent the extinction of New Zealand's biggest flightless bird.

Campaign Manager

Lara Urban

The 2021 takahē campaign is led by Dr Lara Urban, who is the geneticist working with the Takahē Recovery Team to support the conservation of this threatened species. The takahē is the largest flightless rail in the world, endemic to Aotearoa New Zealand and was considered extinct until the rediscovery of a remnant population in 1948, considered by some "one of the greatest ornithological moments in history".

Despite this fame (also as Mr T in our beloved Air NZ safety videos), its continued risk of becoming extinct (there are less than 500 takahē left in the world!) and the beauty of its remote and wild habitat, the Murchison Mountains, the takahē has never been the NZ bird of the year! Let's urgently change this together!

Two adult takahē and a chick