Conservation status
In serious trouble

Known as the bird which became alive again, the takahē was thought to be extinct for 50 years until 1948. There are now recovery programmes to prevent the extinction of New Zealand's biggest flightless bird.

Campaign Manager

Jaimee Maha

This November marks the 75th anniversary of the famous takahē rediscovery, after the glorious rainbow chicken was thought to be extinct for 50 years. So it's only fitting that this is the year the takahē finally takes the crown as Bird of the Year, AND Bird of the Century. Team Takahē is led by Jaimee Maha, the arguably favourite granddaughter of the late Ted Bennett (takahē advocate, and great pal of the legendary Doc Orbell). With the support of a merry squad of meme enthusiasts, we're ready to bring some TAKAHEAT to this year's campaign. If you're a fan of solid memes and borderline rap videos, head on over to our socials to give us some love. And most importantly, #votetakahē!