Conservation status
In some trouble

A remarkable musical scrapbooker with a ferocious temper. Its ability to detract from the real issues with its loud and obnoxious calls have seen it accused of playing the Trump card. The tūī's song is known to improve in the company of bellbirds. Tūī mimic other birds and various sounds from their environment.

Campaign Manager

Keryn Knight

Tūī are the charismatic chorus birds with attitude, an iconic part of our country's ecosystem and identity. Used in art, literature, and even music, tūī have captured the imaginations of generations of New Zealanders. Whether it's watching their flamboyant feathers flash while they feast on native flowers or hearing them call out unseen from on high, it is always a delight to be in the company of a tūī. They're on the rebound and abundant in some places, let's show our support in hope that they'll continue to spread their cheerful songs across the country. #teamtui2020