Conservation status
Doing OK

A remarkable musical scrapbooker with a ferocious temper. Its ability to detract from the real issues with its loud and obnoxious calls have seen it accused of playing the Trump card. The tūī's song is known to improve in the company of bellbirds. Tūī mimic other birds and various sounds from their environment.

Campaign Manager

Emmett Bowker

As proud sponsors of Forest & Bird, the PureNature team is now thrilled to sponsor the terrific tūī for Bird of the Year 2021! 
Tūī took out the coveted prize in the inaugural round of NZ's most prestigious popularity contest, we couldn't think of a better way to take the plunge than to sweep our sultry songbird back to the top of the tree in 2021. Hey, if kākāpō can win twice then tūī can too! #teamtui2021

Tūī with a Pure Nature logo

Image: © Paul Sorrell