HoihoYellow-eyed penguin

Conservation status
In serious trouble

New Zealand sign language for hoiho / yellow-eyed penguin

Yellow-eyed penguins (hoiho) are disappearing before our eyes. They are one of the rarest penguins in the world with just 1,700 pairs remaining. 

If nothing is done to reverse current declines, scientists predict they could be extinct on mainland New Zealand within 10 - 20 years.

Raising public awareness of hoiho is crucial for their conservation. You can help by voting for them to win Forest & Bird’s annual Bird of the Year competition.

Campaign Manager

Team Hoiho

#TeamHoiho are a group of hoiho aficionados, whose charismatic campaigning efforts rightly instated the hoiho as the reigning feathered monarch of Aotearoa in 2019. 

We are a collective of conservationists, science communicators and students, hoping to inspire the nation through a variety of events, stories and a lively social media campaign during Bird of the Year 2020. Our campaign patrons are Radio NZ science producer Alison Ballance and internationally renowned penguinologist John Darby. Alison has passionately campaigned for hoiho to win Bird of the Year in the past, while John’s interdecadal commitment to hoiho conservation is unparalleled.  

#TeamHoiho includes Megan Abbott, Kimberley Collins, Thor Elley, Rachel Hickcox, Hanna Ravn, Julia Reid, and Mel Young. 

Cartoon logo for Team Hoiho
Yellow Eyed Penguins

Photo: media.newzealand.com