Yellow-eyed penguinHoiho

Conservation status
In serious trouble

Yellow-eyed penguins (hoiho) are disappearing before our eyes. They are one of the rarest penguins in the world with just 1,700 pairs remaining. 

If nothing is done to reverse current declines, scientists predict they could be extinct on mainland New Zealand within 10-20 years.

Hoiho are shy penguins, hiding their nests in dense vegetation. But their shrill call is attention-grabbing – giving them their te reo Māori name, which means 'noise shouter'.

Campaign Manager

Jamie Martin

Chonky. Antisocial. Screaming. Penguins. The Hoiho is in serious trouble, and needs your help and attention to get back to doing what it does best. Screaming at any other birds that get too close. They're facing an infectious disease, fishing nets, and predation, and whilst it's going to be a tough fight for them, it'll be that little bit easier with a crown.

Yellow-eyed penguin