Hoiho, Yellow-eyed penguinTe Manu Rongonui o Te Tau 2019

Hoiho is 2019’s Queen of the Birds! Until the next Bird of the Year that is…

Why are our amazing, waddling yellow eyed penguins so special? Hoiho (hoiho means ‘noisy’ in the Māori language) live and breed only in New Zealand, and nowhere else. But things are looking pretty bad for these cute little flappers. Their numbers have been heading downhill for 30 years, and this year, only 165 nests were located. Forest & Bird and many other groups are working hard to help our noisy penguins. Seabirds have to deal with introduced predators like rats, stoats, cats and dogs on land, while at sea they get caught in fishing nets, and now warming oceans mean they have to swim further to catch a good feed for their chicks

Thank for your support for Forest & Bird’s Bird of the Year. With your help, we’re going to turn things around for the incredible hoiho, and all of New Zealand’s amazing native animals.

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